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11-11-2013, 09:58 PM
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Giguere is sitting at 5-0 with a .970 SV% right now and he hasn't been able to handle a starters load since 2007-08. There's another to add to the list.

Originally Posted by Elvs View Post
Why stop there. Those goalies where actually somewhat relevant backups (other than Leighton who was only "relevant" for a year or so).

Here you go, a dozen goalies who went hot for six straight games. Not everyone had Andersen-like numbers, but these were for the most part #3 goalies for the clubs. Munro and Garnett may even have been #4 on their respective depth charts.

Steve Passmore - 93.9% dec 27-mar 3 in 2001/2002)
Hannu Toivonen - 92.9% (oct 25-dec 4 in 2007)
Adam Munro - 92.9% (jan 10-jan 26 in 2006)
Martin Prusek - 93.9% (nov 17-dec 4 in 2003)
Mike Morrison - 93.9% (nov 7-nov 25 in 2005)
Yann Danis - 93.4% (oct 29-jan 18 in 2010)
Wade Dubielewicz - 93.8% (mar 15-apr 8 in 2007)
Jason Bacashihua - 93.3% (apr 9 - apr 18 in 2006)
Michael Garnett - 93.6% (dec 15 - dec 28 in 2005)
Michael Leighton - 94.0% (dec 21 - jan 1 in 2009/2010)
Steven Valiquette - 94.3% (dec 29 - mar 2 in 2007/2008)
Curtis McElhinney - 93.9% (mar 19 - apr 3 in 2010)

It would be alot easier to name goalies who were actually relevant backups for a a couple of seasons. Mikael Tellqvist, Mathieu Aubin, Curtis Sanford etc. Any career backup has had above 93% for six games, most of them above 94% I imagine. Not saying Andersen hasn't impressed, and he's more talented than most guys listed above, but it's a little early yet to draw conclusions.
That's in depth - is there a resource you went through to find those numbers or did you manually do it?

And yeah Andersen has certainly impressed but I've seen so many goalies go on hot streaks that it's hard to not be a bit skeptical. If I'm Murray I'm certainly not going to trade Hiller over a 6 game streak.

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