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Originally Posted by CunniJA View Post
Hey all,

My ice hockey team has a terrible goalie situation. One of our goalies is moving away, one jacked up his knee and is out for a few months at least, and the thrid option is a crazy man who is just god awful. I've played some roller goalie and done fairly well, at least to the point that I think I can step in and immediately be better than the god awful guy.

This is C8 beer league, which around here is a pretty low-level, recreational league. The three main groups are: 1. (majority) un-coached people that picked up the game as adults 2. guys that actually have a lot of experience but are old now 3. your assortment of ringers who have played A-AAA midget and crap like that. So, occasionally, you'll get some zingers, but most shots aren't exactly Al McInnis boomers.

Now, for ice, I know that I need totally new stuff below the waist, so I'm looking at Goalie Monkey's clearances and hoping to get some Warrior Swagger legs, Tackla 6600 Pants, and some Reebok 14K skates.

Up top though, I'm wondering if the stuff I've been using is good enough for the ice. On the hands, I've got a Franklin 5300 glove and a 9400 blocker. I'm fairly happy with both, though the glove is pretty stiff. My chest protector is an ITech Prodigy 4.8 and I have an ITech Profile 1000 mask.

Anybody have experience with using any of these pads? I would be thankful for any info that people have about potentially using these upper pads and mask on the ice.
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as a goalie 4 pieces of gear you should never cheap out on are the glove, the c/a, the mask, and the jock...

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