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11-11-2013, 10:17 PM
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Originally Posted by SEALBound View Post
No, its just laughable that when the Penguins actually do get a Top 6 capable and proven winger, you want to put him on the 3rd line. Yeah, put our leading (tied for) scoring winger who's shown chemistry and finishing ability with Malkin on the third line.

I'm not trying to screw Bennett out of Top 6 time...but come on, you're nuts for wanting him in the Top 6 and Jokinen on the 3rd line. If there is anyone that needs out of the Top 6 right now, it's Dupuis, not Jokinen.

At times, people here go too far the other way when considering where and when to play the youth. People were all for Tangradi being shoved down the Top 6 throat and he was terrible...but people ignored it. People wanted the same thing with Staal. Now people want Bennett in the Top 6 for the pure sake of having youth in the Top 6. Such delusion that people are willing to ignore the fact that Jokinen is our top scoring winger.
Maybe Tangradi just sucked. There's been no indication Bennett will be the same. Poor comparison on your part. As for Staal, he did pretty well as the 2C while Crosby was dealing with the concussion issues.

And where the hell do you get that Jokinen has shown chemistry with Malkin? They've done almost nothing 5-on-5.

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