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Originally Posted by jolly roger View Post
REALLY? A "ticking time bomb"? That's every player who's had an injury. Your answer is so long it really says it all, win at all costs. How is it that he can go play in Miramichi then?
It's long because I wanted to answer your question fully and earnestly. I had assumed you had asked the question in good faith. I didn't realize you had already made up your mind.

And yes, really, a time bomb. I'll try to spell it out again: Trey Lewis is not someone who "had" an injury. He is someone who has an injury. It is not an injury that has healed. It will not be healed until he has surgery.

As for why he's playing in the MHL, here he is in his own words:

“They've got my rights in junior A and I grew up with a few guys on the team. It’s also close to home so it was more of a comfort factor than anything,” said Lewis, who is from Aldouane, N.B. “It’s going to be fun there. It’ll be a good way to finish my junior hockey career.

“I’ve been off for a while now and it’s driving me crazy so it’ll be great to play somewhere. If my hip starts to bug me, then I would get surgery. I would play through it for the year if it was Halifax but if it starts to bother me, I’ll end up getting the surgery.”
So he's playing there because it's lower stakes and it's where he wants to be right now. He can have a good time with his childhood buddies in a less intense league where he won't have to worry about missing out if he gets surgery. If he stayed in Halifax he would've played through the pain regardless of the consequences. That's admirable, but bad for his long-term career and for the Mooseheads.

That's all. But don't let it get in the way of your "omg the Mooseheads are so mean" narrative if you don't want it to, I guess.

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