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12-21-2006, 09:04 AM
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Originally Posted by JM47 View Post
Also I have a sheet of synthetic ice (really just a piece plastic) that I stickhandle on when I'm watching TV. That is until my wife begs me to stop.
I stickhandle in the basement while the laundry's going -- upstairs our cat would chase the ball and my wife would be climbing the walls. I'm using one of those quick-hands balls but the problem is that it's taller than a puck. When I try to stickhandle a puck on ice it often slides under my stick because I'm so used to the ball. I just read that I should be using the heel or toe of the blade, so that might be the difference. I need a lot of work in this area anyway.

For a more explosive stride sprinting up hills is great. Just remember to fully extend that back leg as you would on the ice.

For balance/core strength I took a 4-week yoga class. It helped a lot -- I'm much more aware of my posture while skating, which muscle groups I'm using, etc. I also learned some very effective stretches for my lower back and legs.

Interval training is great for cardio. I don't have the self discipline to jog or to time my intervals so I sometimes use a stationary bike at the gym which has an interval program built in.

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