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12-21-2006, 11:22 AM
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When I played I started off tending to yap a LOT, ended up being kicked out of 3 games my first season because of it. I figured out that I was costing my team big time after that season and cleaned up my act a good bit, at least in terms of complaining to the refs.

My next season I had all of 11 penalties called on me over 24 games, and 2 of those the player I had offended was called for an unsportsmanlike for embelishing. Generally I would simply ask the ref for an explanation and just served my 2 minutes hoping the other team didn't make us pay for it. Typically I'd thank them for explaining the call to me and I noticed I didn't get called for nearly as many marginal plays (maybe 2 all season) as I did the year before (I was good for 1 a game). I have little doubt that showing a bit of courtesy to the refs had something to do with that.

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