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11-12-2013, 08:55 AM
Playoffs? PLAYOFFS!?
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Originally Posted by MarkGio View Post
You never heard this from me (as a Flames fan) but this is actually a really good idea. Have it on Wayne Gretzk or the Yellowhead and I betcha 1/4 of the city would read it at least once during the course of the month. 10% would probably see it on their regular commute. And you know the media would talk about it every chance they get, thereby forcing Lowe to give his usual responses to any form of criticism.

The first question to ask is what would it say? "A whole new level of Lowe"

The second, and less important, question to ask is are there any legal issues, such as slander?
I think this would be fun, and I'm willing to pitch in. Who knows, maybe it could take off like the "Vote For Rory" campaign did.

The legal issues is a good point. I don't think there should be an issue... we wouldn't have to say anything that isn't 100% true.

However, billboard companies are sometimes reluctant to take on "controversial" billboards. Especially when the "controversy" might offend a potential customer. Billboard companies might be worried about upsetting the Oilers out of fear of losing a major customer.

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