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11-12-2013, 11:09 AM
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Originally Posted by InjuredChoker View Post
can't agree with that, even with players of similar size. crosby is better.
Agree to disagree Not to take anything away from Crosby, he's up there, but I don't think he's on Zetterberg's level.

i agree that his production has been absolutely amazing.

that is also somewhat worrying. bc players don't generally become better players at even strength in their mid30s; and zetterberg is on pace to have his best season 5on5. almost twice more points per ice than what he produced last year. playing with dats helps for sure but there is going to be a drop imo.
He's due for some regression, I agree. Hopefully it's not too much though. I honestly don't expect it to be, because as a special player, Zetterberg is an exception. I would say the same thing about Dats if we were talking about him.

Originally Posted by drw02 View Post
His production is good as in he's producing at the level he's expected to. I don't think he's been amazing though.
I would say he is easily producing at a level that is higher than expectations, even playing with Dats. 10 goals in 18 games is a 46-goal pace over 82 games. His point pace is 92. I doubt that's what the Wings expect out of him. Now again, I think he's due for some regression, but we're talking about what he's done to this point.

Not trying to hate on the guy, he is a great player, I just don't think his effort has been consistent from game to game and even period to period. A little sluggish at times for my liking.
I find no fault with his effort. I actually partly agree that he looks "sluggish" at times. But he's always been that way. So has Datsyuk, frankly, though to a slightly lesser extent. Part of it is that those players have never been very fast skaters, and part of it is both are very smart players; they know when they need to turn on the jets and when they don't, or when it won't be any benefit if they do. They know when to "save it" and when to "spend it." All the great players do. I have not once this season seen Zetterberg give up on a play that was going to result in a scoring chance, for either team (granted, I have missed 3 or 4 games).

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