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11-12-2013, 12:59 PM
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I think we are seeing the results of a scolding after the firewagon-style Colorado game... With a young team, they will be streaky with high high's and low low's. Often with younger people, I see a tendency to over-compensate with equally bad results until there is some sort of success to build confidence. It's clear that Trotz is trying to build Hut up by letting him be the man; but I think he has to cut bait a bit and create some competition for him to focus on. I think Hutton is the kind of guy that does better when his security is threatened... that's been my biggest issue right now with Trotz for not playing a young 'Tender as a 1B and Hutton being a 1A.

As far as the team goes, I personally think it all boils down to team confidence between the pipes and trying to play too defensive. In the past if Peks is 'on', the skaters tend to play instinctively within the system and there is a flow to the game. Was the same way for Dan Ellis too. With Hutton, they have been tight and trying to not make mistakes or take penalties... which always in my experience seems to lead to mistakes no matter the activity or occupation. Hutton has been screened badly on many occasions and the skaters have been hesitant to clear the crease for fear of a penalty and the awful PK... it snowballs all of this feces into a crap-ball that would be the pride of any well-respected dung beetle.

Right now it's time for that crap-ball to dry up and blow away!! The Preds need a solid game from a young goaltender to boost confidence all around. Hopefully Mazenec will steal a few from the Isles and loosen up our skaters to start playing and quit thinking/fearing mistakes.

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