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11-12-2013, 12:10 PM
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Originally Posted by StevensCakeBakerBacker View Post
Thanks for the link.

The whole perception of deflecting blame seems ridiculous until there is anything proving Snider forced Holmgren to sign Bryz specifically. We don't know that's what happened, and basically Snider said that he told Holmgren to get the best goalie at whatever cost. That is not the same as Snider forcing Holmgren to sign Bryz.

At the end of the day Snider still did everything he could to mitigate the damage done by Bryz, everything else seems to be supported by speculation that became truth because they were repeated so many times.
You can spin it however you want. During the Summer of Bryz, Snider wined and dined him and talked about how important it was to get a good goalie after seeing Tim Thomas beat them and win the Cup. As if it was just hitting him that goalie was an important position (and doing very little about it for the previous decades) despite having won 2 Cups with arguably the best goalie of his era. Snider made it clear that he was involved.

Then Bryz turns into a disaster and Snider washes his hands and says he isn't involved, talk to Paul. Come on.

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