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Originally Posted by DAChampion View Post
Winning is the most important language but it is not the only language. The Habs are a Quebec icon and people want to see a French Canadian presence on the team. That's how it goes. Considering the Habs have ~200 million in revenue, a 5% difference in fan support means 10 million dollars a year. There's also the issue that the Habs are on top (financially) because they are a Quebec icon, Molson should not risk that. He is the caretaker of a cherished public symbol in Quebec, and he should respect and honour that.

Aside from that, I reject the dichotomy between having a francophone presence on the team and winning. Several recent Stanley Cup winners had French Canadian players on their teams: Kris Letang, Max Talbot, Patrice Bergeron, etc. There are decent French Canadian players out there, there was no need for Bergevin to bring in a sub-mediocrity like David Desharnais and treat him like he is le petit prince. Even among recent Habs players, Maxim Lapierre and Benoit Pouliot were both available last summer, and are both more useful players to have on your roster. Louis Leblanc would be a better player. BTW Michael Bournival is born in Shawinigan.
It's incredibly easy to dismiss a dichotomy when it only exists as a false narrative. I've never seen one poster on this board or person in real life state that francophone players are inferior to anybody else. Posts like these just needlessly muddy the debate.

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