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11-12-2013, 01:12 PM
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Hindsight my ass, a boatload of people predicted that Homer's strategy would lead to long term collapse if he kept it up. Guess what, it did. It's not hindsight when you predict it.

I don't care that they did it to "improve the team." The road to hell is paved with good intentions. It made the team better in the short term at the expense of the future. They made a lot of moves like that, and now we are dealing with the results. By going for short term improvement they've doomed the team to struggle for the forseeable future.

Why is this so difficult for you to grasp??

Please. Look at every Cup winner, ever. Tell me how many of them did it by trading away their first and second round picks and talent for half a decade, neglecting they prospect pool, and turning heavily to free agents. This may be shocking to you, but it is completely possible to win a Cup without running your team into the ground long-term like Homer did. In fact, that's the preferred method.

I'll bet anything the number of teams who succeeded with Homer's strategy is somewhere around "zero."

Homer had to detonate a Cup contending core because of the situation your beloved strategy put the team in. Like I said, that's a fact. You cannot disprove that, because it's what happened. Why was the team unable to fill the roster in 2011 without massive trades? Because Homer spent years emptying the cupboard.

You have a fundamentally flawed understanding of how to build a team. It's mindblowing to see you rail against responsible team building through the draft (You know...the thing that every successful team has done. It's almost like it's the ideal strategy!) in favor of throwing all your assets away for a one or two year shot at glory.

And no, making the playoffs this year won't change anything. The team is still several steps back from where it was because they had to nuke it all in 2011. They haven't been realistic Cup contenders since that offseason, and they still aren't, nor will they be for some time.

Homer followed the strategy you're endorsing in that last paragraph. He followed it for five ****ing years worth of first and seconds round talent. Guess what? It got us zero Cups and a terribly constructed team. If that's your idea of success, then you have it confused with failure.

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