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12-21-2006, 01:08 PM
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Originally Posted by reidjr View Post
First two ohl teams can not share the same arena.Second there would be no costs for st mikes to play out sbc for a year.
Please point me to the rule where two teams cannot play out of the same arena? Why would such a rule be in place if the scenario has not come up until now? What would be the purpose of such a rule? It wouldn't hurt the OHL in any way.

Second, how can there be no costs for St. Mikes to play out of SBC for a year? Everything has a cost, especially huge NHL size arenas, where it cost $25,000 just to open the building with house lights for a half day. If you're alluding to the fact that Melnyk owns the Senators and they'd be picking up the tab, it would still cost him money, although I don't see how or why he'd swallow the expenses under one moniker and not the other. Either way, there would be a significant cost. much more than staying in Toronto another year.

Considering you've provided no proof to anything you've stated, and are pulling explanations out of nowhere, It's quite obvious you've been either mislead by someone trying to fool you, or you're a ***** who's come here to spread more baseless rumours.

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