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11-12-2013, 01:03 PM
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SOme of these are gold, thanks for sharing guys.

I am not a chirper, not that I can't think of good ones, I just find myself when I am chirped it makes me dig down more and want to win even more... I would be concerned if I chirped it would have the same effect on the other team, that they would hate us/my team and play more chippy/whatever to win... I know I do that.

Chirping never bothered me or got me off my game, I can appercaite a good chirp... I am more likely to have a **** eating grin and wink at someone than chirp...

just don't think it's good to push the other teams buttons and possibly "poke the bear" so to speak... but I have seen it be effective on people too so I can see why people use the tactic, just not for me.

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