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11-12-2013, 02:34 PM
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Originally Posted by kr580 View Post
I currently play with a 81 flex (75 flex cut 2") Reebok 8K 2piece with a P34 (Hamrlik) curve. I love the stick but I can't find the shaft, blade or 1-piece stick anymore and I'm not about to spend $250 on the modern Reebok equivalent in the 11K. Now I'm looking for something else.

I've been eying the Warrior Diablo stick and have some questions if someone could weigh in.

First, I was looking at the 75 flex. It's a 63" shaft with the 75 flex rating being at the 60" mark. Any idea on how much flex it would be after cutting off about 8 inches, 5 inches beyond the 75 flex mark? Will it be super stiff or will it not change much since it's low kickpoint? My Reebok cut to the 81 flex mark is about as stiff as I'd want to go. I could even go softer by about 5 points if need be but not more.

Second, if the flex would increase too much should I look at a 70 flex intermediate Diablo? Does anyone know if the shaft or blade dimensions are any smaller?

Third, as far as curves go, does anyone have any opinions on the Gionta vs Kovalchuk curves? I have liked how my P34 blade is very neutral and mellow but I want a bit of a deeper curve. Any opinions on if I should go with the Kovy and it's uniform curve or try out the Gionta with the toe curve?

Thanks in advance.
I had the 70 flex felt stiff for its raiting because it is very low kick. In theory the flex point shouldn't change much when you cut it down.

I would lean towards Kovalchuk because it would be more familiar to you.

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