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11-12-2013, 01:37 PM
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Originally Posted by njdevil26 View Post
I thank you! I'm a rare breed of Devils fan. Of course I don't like the Rangers... but compared to my level of hatred for the Flyers and all things Philadelphia... I maintain that if I HAD to go to a Ranger/Flyer game and I HAD to support one of the teams, I would throw on a Ranger Callahan jersey before you could blink. Every fanbase has obnoxious fans. There are a TON of obnoxious Devils fans out there just like every team. The difference between the Devils and the Flyers is that I LIKE Ranger players. Lundqvist is amazing. I would take Callahan, Richards, Nash, McDonough, Del Zotto, Staal on any team I put together. You can actually be a visiting fan at the Garden and not get threatened or fear for your safety.

The Flyers are different. I hate every player on that team. It's like they put on a prison orange sweater and buy in to the philosophy where who cares what the score is as long as you win the fights. Their fans are the same way. You actually fear for your safety at their arena. They take pride in that. Every prospect they have is a Zac Rinaldo type player who they let run around at people's knees instead of developing talent and two way players. I'll shut up now. But as a hockey fan I don't care what team, I like making friends and talking hockey with opposing fans. Always been that way.
Wait so that isn't exactly what they do...only like?

You're pretty cool, you can stay. I don't like people like this: KEKEKEKEKEKE LOLOL RANGERS R BAYAD

but people who still dislike us but aren't weenies are cool.

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