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11-12-2013, 03:14 PM
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Originally Posted by eklunds source View Post
To start 2011-2012, the Minnesota Wild went 21-8-4. It was a surprise to people because they finished 21st in the league with a -27 goal differential the year before, but hey, they were #1 in the league in early December.

Fans and media personalities talked about willpower to win, how good teams find ways to win, how hard and smart the players were working, how the new system was being adopted.

At that point in time, despite a 21-8-4 record, they were 29th in the NHL in shot differential. They were regularly getting destroyed in puck possession, scoring chances, shots on goal, shot attempts... Pretty much any metric of measuring success other than wins/losses.

What happened? The bottom fell out from under them. Their goaltending stopped playing beyond Vezina-winners performance levels, they stopped scoring "timely" goals, and ultimately their goal differential started to mirror their shot differential. From December 9th on, the Wild went 19-27-4 and missed the playoffs by 11 points.

As of right now, Colorado is 26th in shot attempt ratio and 23rd in shots for/against.

They're significantly better than the '11-'12 Wild were but they're still going to crash hard.
Thanks for telling us exactly what will happen to the Avs. With Godly hockey knowledge you've just portrayed I will go ahead and plan on trying to out tank Edm, Buff, or Fla.

Gosh how could we be so dumb to be proud of a team with a 14-2 record. It's clear they only get help from the the officials. And get away with everything.

In all honesty we know they're not going to sustain this level of play. But you could try a little harder to hide your jealousy and frustration with the fact they are doing well. Everyday some know it all, like yourself comes around and posts that they'll fall off the face of the earth, their D is terrible, etc.

People seriously think we don't know their D needs help? They don't think that we know this play is un-sustainable? Get real. No Avs poster is saying we'll go 80-10 or anything like that. Most are expecting to squeak into the playoffs.

Not that your point isn't relevant, I mean it's not, but this group is not that Wild team. You can't make a prediction based on what that team did, and what this team will do. Guessing only gets you so far.

So once again, i'd like to thank a all knowing hockey genius here, with Eklund in his username, for coming around and telling us exactly what will happen to the Avs as the rest of the season is played out.

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