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Originally Posted by Justinov View Post
I think some of Norway's elite players peaked at the WC 2011-12 and didn't really deliver at the last WC. It will be interesting to see if they are continuing on a downward trend or if their younger players are ready to take a stop up.
So much in Norway depends on a few elite players, but then again such is it for all the smaller hockey nations.
Tollefsen plays dirty in the way that he makes slashing, pushes, punches when the referee doesn't look in his direction. He is there to **** players of the other team off and getting away with it. He actually is very very good at it. Last WC was the first time he was really caught and punished for it, but he was been doing it for years and years.
But whether he plays with more dangerous tackles than other players I am not so sure......

I agree on that some of the elite players didn’t play up to their best last WC. Although I think we won the games “we came to win”, I mean we started WC with the goal of beating Belarus, Denmark and Sloveina and we did just that. But the game against Denmark and Slovenia where very tight and specially the game against Denmark could have gone either way.

Like I stated here earlier in this thread, Norway tries to play good defense in the natural zone. But that did NOT happen against the bigger Nations, lost 7-1 against Canada , 5-1 against Sweden and 7-0 against Czech Republic. These are not pretty numbers, the big nations smashed us pretty good! We usually take a beating against the big nations but I have seen our elite players play better against them in past WC tournaments.

After the Olympics and WC next year there’s going to be some changes on our National team, old players stepping down. Per Åge Skrøder and Mats Trygg are two of those players I in my opinion. And there will be more players as well. These players have carried the Norwegian National team for a very long time now.

When it comes to young players taking over I am not so worried about the Forward side, both Centers and Wings. But it’s on the defense we have our big problem, there is simply no other D-men which can take the step up and be a good resource on our National team. (I see some hope in our u-16 generation but that’s far far away right now). And as for goaltending, well….. I don’t think Haugen had a good WC last year. And I am not convinced with what I have seen form Volden so far. I really hope Steffen Søberg can get a chance, but he needs to go to another league first (currently playing in Norway) he is still very young, so anything can happen.

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