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Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
4 years in the playoffs out of 13 and that is including his year as coach where he took over not a bad team.

- Offer sheeted Vanek (would have cost us multiple 1st rounders.)
- Offer sheeted Penner
- Chased Heatley trade (thank god that fell through)
- Chased Nylander (thank god that fell through), blasted Nylanders wife for going crazy. Had a hand in putting out an embarrassing full page ad in the paper at the time threatening legal action.
- Didn't listen top Pronger when half way through the year he said he wanted out after the season. Acted shocked after the request was reiterated and then made a trade horribly quick when he had all the cards. Bad mouth Pronger and his wife.
- Tried to make Comrie cough up 2 million to be traded to Anaheim in a deal that was going to net us Corry Perry and a 1st rounder.
- Black balled Souray for having the gall to question the medical team and management.
- Black balled Omark for having the gall to question the team.
- Publicly blasted Burke in a most embarrassing interview even bashing Bobby Ryan in the process.
- After getting asked the 1st tough question in 10 years during MacT's hire press conference he goes bat shi* talking about tiers of fans, management dream teams, that half the NHL would switch rosters and his 6 rings.
- Hired and fired Tambo
- Still at the top for the Quinn, Renney, Kruger hirings and firings.
- Hired rookie gm formerly a under achieving coach with part of one year of front office experience as a vice president in charge of something.
- Hired a former assistant GM who was a fail in Columbus.
- Tries to acquire anything with an oil king jersey on it.
- Allowed, encouraged forced, two crappy assistants on each coach over the last 5 years.
- Did not shop Ryan Smyth around when he was dealt but took the trade 'that is in my back pocket'
- How could I forget this one...Signed Horcoff to huge money and long term deal coming off a shoulder injury and assuming he was going to be better than he ever was before at any part of his career.

I'm sure there's more.

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