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Originally Posted by AssistantCaptain View Post
Yeah it's the price for the standard billboard and artwork has to be provided on our end. It's the flat rate despite the location but the prime locations tend to have a single client that's contracted to advertise for months even years. There's usually 3-4 ads in queue so its not like your ad will be thrown on instantly. Billboards are half the price in bigger Canadian cities. Toronto comes in at about $1200
Maybe an alternative means should be explored. Unless the location is prime, I can't see a billboard being effective at getting the media's attention. The goal would be simple: get TSN, Sportsnet, Team 1260, CBC, Edmonton Sun, etc. to make a story about the "fire Lowe" campaign. Someone would have to write a column about it. Maybe it makes the cover of THN. Have twitter and facebook blowing up and discussing the campaign. One shouldn't be out-casted if they show up to a home game raising a poster that reiterates this message. And so fourth. All movements start out as a snowball before becoming an avalanche.

The pressure will come. Katz's assistant would have to bring an newspaper article to Katz's attention. If nothing more, it plants a seed. Eventually it would hurt the pockets of Katz. Businesses wouldn't want their logo along the boards at Rexall. The "official Oilers after party" would change their identity. Charity golf tournaments might prefer an Eskimo. Maybe more. Perhaps SN would rather air 5 less games for their winter schedule. Who knows.

I think if everyone was legit and serious about it, action could be done. Maybe a website would be better. I recall Basilie's "make it 7" getting a little attention. Might be a good way to garner donations for this billboard. Maybe, eventually applying to the city to permit a protest and then calling CBC to make a story about it. Keep the movement going.

Anyways. Good luck. It would be fun to see a shake-up in Edmonton. It would improve the conversations around the coffee machine at work

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