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Originally Posted by the_fan View Post

Talk about Wild's offense in recent years, every time I watched their games they only had one line which is their top line that scored pretty much all their goals.

This year they might have little bit more depth up front but hardly enough to do anything in the playoffs if they make the playoffs of course which they should.

They are IMO are still very much a defensive minded team.
The previous years yeah, the depth hasn't been there, but I suggest you take a look at this years team, they're playing quite interesting hockey.

Originally Posted by dahrougem2 View Post
Only thing I disagree with is your prediction. I think that the Avs will finish ahead of one of the Blackhawks/Blues, and will definitely finish ahead of Minnesota, Dallas, Winnipeg, and Nashville. I have them 2nd in the division come playoff time, barring any significant injuries
The Central is a toss up this year. Hawks, Blues, Wild and Avalanche all have seemingly good teams and the differences within the top-4 of the division will be marginal. Any one of them can take it, but I'd imagine both Chicago and Blues at least edging out the Wild and Avs. But who knows.

Plus there's Dallas and Nashville to consider, Winnipeg will seemingly have a down year.

Originally Posted by TheStranger View Post
I really don't believe they're getting "unsustainable goaltending" at this point. Varlamov is 2.00, .935 sv% which is very good, but it's not record breaking. I see him being maybe 2.15 and .930~ for the year.

Giguere obviously won't stay where he's at, but the Avs don't need him to be 1.00 and .970 for the year, even if he drops to 2.50 and .915 for the rest of the year, the Avs will win most of those games.

Regardless of what you think. Varlamov is probably a top 5 goaltender now, his numbers ARE sustainable.
Well, that's exactly what I meant

Varly's stats are not unsustainable, but Giggy's are. Currently the team as overall has a .958 save%, which is mostly due to Giguere's stats. I love me some Giggy already from his Anaheim days, but like you said, those will fall and the Avalanche don't need him to play at that level for them to win. But if that save% drops to around .92 which would be around the average for a Varly/Giggy tandem behind the current Avs defense, it will mean you lose more games. In a weaker division, I'd say you'd still win the division, but with the other hot teams it won't be as easy.

Also the team is shooting at a rather high percentage, but that's another story.

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