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Originally Posted by kitsel View Post
I'm a ducks season ticket holder despite being an avalanche fan (any hockey is better than no hockey) and Andersen coming in red hot like this has played a huge part. It's silly to deny that. They're dealing with a ton of injuries and it's very impressive that they just keep winning in spite of them but you can't just write off a mid range prospect coming in to start his career 6-0 and say that's not one of the reasons they're winning. If anything, what the ducks and avalanche are doing is equally unsustainable but you hear it over and over about the lanche and never about the ducks.
Again, the Ducks were 2nd in the West last season.

As for Andersen, he's played well. There's no doubt about that. But you're making it sound like Andersen came in and they started winning, or that he's been in non-stop. Hiller was the go-to guy, until he caught the flu before the last game. It's not like Andersen came in and turned things around. When Fasth went down, Andersen came in as back-up, and he's been sharing games with Hiller since.

Edit: And yes, obviously Andersen's numbers are going to average out. That's obvious. But when the Ducks are carrying the play 5-on-5, you can expect it to make the goalie look good. The Ducks are leaning on their offense more than their goaltending.

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