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11-13-2013, 03:04 AM
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Originally Posted by 99gecko View Post
One of my favorites was to say to the player while you're lining up, "What are doing here? You know the warm-up's over, right?".

If I'd rock someone really hard in the first couple of shifts, while he's down I'd like to give him the, "I'm gonna be using you to clean the ice all nite - get used to it".

A few times I'd like to rub it into defenceman's nose if I'd beat them bad one-on-one, and we'd scored because of it. I'd skate by him, point to the blue-line or wherever I'd owned him, and say "if you're looking for your panties, they're over there", or "you left your panties in the corner", or something similar. They're usually too embarrassed to say anything back.

But one time I got it back right away. After giving the guy the panties chirp, right away he snaps at me, "they're your girlfriends. I'm trying to give them back". It was about 10 seconds before I could even smile - I couldn't wrap my head around how he was trashing me after he got beat for a goal. I skated to our bench sat down put my head between my knees so no one could see me and howled.

The best I ever got from a ref was when I was after him when he called me on a weak penalty. I argued all the way to the box, when he says to me, "now you've got two minutes to spend reading the rule book".

The best I heard I got from an opposing player. He was a heavier guy and I beat him to a loose puck to get a shot on his goalie. As we coasted to the benches I tell him, "Yeah I don't thing your goalie wants you wolfing down donuts on the bench anymore".

He comes right back with, "I may be fat, but you're ugly and I can diet". Both benches burst out laughin.


Dude you're a bad-ass.

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