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11-13-2013, 08:20 AM
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So my original post was lost so I'll sum it up, this team sucks. No heart. No will to battle. Free agent signings outside of Nystrom have been busts. No one sticks up for Hornqvist while he gets destroyed night after night. Trotz can't figure out line combos that will work. Goalie was not an issue at all tonight, guys playing with any sort of heart was. We're reaching for pucks instead of skating to them and fighting for them.

First thing I'd do if I ever took over this team, call two former players, Chris Pronger and Keith Tkachuk. I'd have Pronger sit with Weber and teach him it's ok to be mean every second he's on the ice. I'd let Tkachuk sit with Wilson and let him know it's ok to use his large frame and play with an edge. I hated Tkachuk but respected him as a player because he got under your skin and did his job. I never hated Pronger, just marveled at how good a gangly player could be so good and so mean all at the same time.

I'd tell my team any time our guys are getting face washed in front of the net, you come and support them. Hornqvist gets cross checked in to the net and no one does anything. Then as he's skating to the bench Clutterbuck gives him an earful and Legwand goes to protect him? Where is anyone else? Why did Cal not get leveled later in the game by our "sandpaper" guys? It's absolutely pathetic that we have "grinders" that are invisible. I'm sure someone will come on here and say, look at the stats, these guys hit. I'll say stats are great but watch the game and if anyone can tell me about a hit that Goose or Hendricks laid in the last few games that was memorable that would be a miracle. Spaling hit someone harder than those guys last night. Heck, even Josi hit some guys harder than Weber. Play with some freaking fire. Have some pride for the name of the team on the front of your jerseys.

I will say this, last night was not on Mazanec at all. He played well for the most part. Our guys came out flat and stayed that way until 55 minutes into the game. Then all of a sudden we had some jump. Oh, and can someone tell me this, we get a PP with a little over 2 minutes left in the game, pull the goalie, have a 2 man advantage yet NY was winning battles in the corner and getting scoring opportunities on an open net? How does that happen? How can 6 guys not beat 4 guys to the puck? When are we going to learn to put a guy in front of the net at all times on the PP? When are we going to win some board battles?

Heads should roll for this abysmal stretch. If someone uses the excuse of Rinne's out I'll tell you I'm tired of the excuses. Everything I talked about in this post has nothing to do with goalie play but team play. 18 skaters didn't show up tonight. 18 did for the Islanders. We looked like a pee wee team against these guys. Trotz has done a nice job here over the years but this roster is not being maximized whatsoever. This team has no identity. We are too nice out there. Finish checks. Make people pay when they make a pass or have the puck. Don't ease up on the other team. I knew there were problems earlier in the trip when we blew 2 goal leads in three straight games and it was covered up by the fact that we got 5 out of 6 points. These issues existed before this losing streak. We're lucky to have gotten any points on this trip to be perfectly honest and if Poile doesn't see it then he needs to go too. I hope ownership is sitting in a meeting right now deciding what to do and I've never been a fan of wanting to see this team lose games but I hope Pittsburgh and Chicago destroy us so that we can get a new voice behind the bench.

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