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11-13-2013, 08:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Stickchecked View Post
Now I'm definitely looking to try something new. I use an intermediate Bauer Vapor X4.0 which has been ok. But to be frank, I haven't tried many different sticks.

Today I went to Pro Hockey Life to look at their deals. The only markdown that jumped out was the Bauer Vapor 6.0 for $140. Felt a lot lighter than the 4.0 but I didn't have time to test it out.

The salesperson really wanted to get me to check out senior sticks. I guess they had more deals but I told him, I feel better with intermediate. (All my weight is in my legs.)

At hockey class today I found a guy with a CCM RBZ and asked him if we could swap for warmup so I could try it out. So nice, so light, really great feel for the puck. Of course, it's a 300 dollar stick.

And now my 4.0 feels like crap. Vomit.
Don't get sucked into it! It'll get expensive lol. The 4.0 is a good stick for $100, better value if it's on sale.

Check out deals from other places as well, you'd be surprised at what you could find. PHL typically never offer better deals than their competitors.

Originally Posted by JJDigitized View Post
Thank you so much for this post/guide!

I didn't start playing hockey until I was 14 or so (much later than most where I live), and even today playing beer league hockey, I've never really felt like I understood how to properly select a stick (and didn't want to sound too stupid honestly to ask).

This post was exactly what I need - thank you!
Interesting, I wonder what proportion of your demographic feel the same way?

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