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11-13-2013, 09:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Drake744 View Post
Although I've been very critical of the goaltending (Hutton moreso than Mazanec last night), I agree with this post. I feel like it's a lot easier to play our game when we have a safety net like Rinne back there but it doesn't take away from the fact that we look like a purely dysfunctional team. No point in trying to lay it out there because you already did. But with that said, I'm still not sure Trotz will be gone, no matter how badly we lose over the weekend. We'll obviously get crushed Friday and Saturday will be 65% Hawks fans so we might as well just blast their goal horn when they score since ours won't be used but I'm still not convinced there will be a change. It'll be the typical excuse-laden reason to "stay the course" and get back to "The Predator Way". The reason for not changing things up this time is the Rinne injury. Which of course, sort of makes sense seeing as how "The Predator Way" is heavily reliant on world-class goalies making us look like a team that knows what it's doing.
What good was it going to do FF to either be scratched or play 6 min a game with Hendricks and Clune?
It was actually good for FF if you calm down and look at the bigger picture. He got 3 games and major time in over the weekend.

Everyone keeps pointing at Weber and i agree. Weber cannot be on the ice to hold Horny by his hand every second. How about Horny man up and push back on his own.
Most of the forwards just stand there and let people push on them. Have you ever noticed how many times a Preds body is laying on the ice near the goal during a scoring chance? In the same way do you ever notice how other teams run into and slash are goalie constantly on their scoring chances?
This team is as soft as a described before. The WHOLE team besides Clune who doesn't play half the time.

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