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Wolverines selects super pest Matthew Barnaby, RW

to make up for yesterday, we will add Larry "The Rock" Zeidel, D to the line-up.

When the Detroit Red Wings won the Stanley Cup in 1950, Larry (The Rock) Zeidel wore the Star of David around his neck. He later played for the Chicago Blackhawks and Philadelphia Flyers. Zeidel, one of the toughest players to come down the pike, helped Philly to first place in the Flyers first season, 1967-68.
"It wasn't always easy being a Jew playing hockey," Zeidel once told me. "I learned that as a kid growing up in Montreal where I had plenty of fights to establish my toughness. This continued later in the minors and the NHL."

Zeidel is notorious for having engaged in two of the most vicious fights -- sticks and fists I'll have you know -- in the ice game's annals.

When The Rock played defense for the Edmonton Flyers -- a Red Wings farm club -- and Jack Evans played for the Rangers farm club in Saskatoon, the pair engaged in battle, swinging sticks like machetes until the wooden shafts broke. Nonplussed, the pair went at it with the broken shafts until the bloodied battlers were separated and sent to the infirmary for repairs.

Late in the 1967-68 season when Zeidel was on the Flyers, he was baited with anti-semitic slurs by members of the Boston Bruins. A stick fight with Boston's Eddie Shack followed, accompanied by more uncomplimentary barbs. Following the match, Zeidel phoned his wife, Marie, about the nerve-wracking incidents and she, in turn, phoned me.

At the time I was writing for the Toronto Star, then Canada's leading evening newspaper, and the story about the anti-Jewish baiting hit the sports page the next day. Eventually, the episode made its way to then NHL President Clarence Campbell, who once had been a judge in post-war Germany during the Nuremberg Trials of Nazi war criminals.

To his credit, Campbell wasted no time censuring the Bruins and, furthermore, issued a "White Paper" insuring that similar incidents would not happen again.

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