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11-13-2013, 12:48 PM
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Originally Posted by the_fan View Post
Or maybe letting Mac play against top 4 d-men and with skilled linemates game in game out would be better for him.

Maybe we see it differently, but what I see is Mac struggling to do things on his own every time he steps on the ice. He always wants and has the puck, but he doesn't have anyone who can score to pass it to so he struggles trying to do everything by himself.

Yet he still has 10 points. I think he's ready for a 2nd line role. But yeah, I would hate to mess with the chemistry on that line with Stastny.

If Stastny keeps playing the way he's been playing Avs should keep him, but I don't want Mac to play another full year on the 3rd line.

Like a said, tough decisions to be made soon.
I just don't think there is a reason to rush MacKinnon into the 2nd line role when the team doesn't need it. That line might produce more offensively (I have my doubts, but am willing to concede that thought), but would give up more goals. In essence I don't think it makes the team better.

Originally Posted by Foppa2118 View Post
I don't think they should move Stastny down the depth chart because he and Duchene have been the Avs best players.

That said I think Nate would make a great line with Landy and Tangs. That line wouldn't have the same role it does with Staz, it would be more offensive and a McGinn-Staz-Talbot line would be the matchup defensive line.

Like I said though you can't mess with Staz right now, he's playing too well. This is where the three center approach is starting to show it's difficulties and Mack hasn't even taken the next step in his development yet. He needs more skilled linemates, and there just aren't enough. Trading Downie and moving PAP off his line just made it worse.

At some point, probably by at at least next season, Nate will have to take over that role in between guys like Landy and Tangs. There's just no other way to do it. They can't leave him on a line with muckers like McGinn and Talbot. WHo knows how that will effect Stastny's production. That's the dilema.
I think there are plenty of ways to continue the 3 line setup if the Avs want to continue down that path (I don't think that they do personally). Doing something like this next year would still equate to 3 great lines:

Landy-Stastny-Talbot/UFA/Rookie (obviously the shutdown line, but still has talent to put up points)
McGinn-MacKinnon-Tanguay (used as a sheltered offensive line)

That balances out the scoring quite nicely, and when injuries hit it could be condensed into a top 6 or maybe Agozzino/Sgarbossa/Smith/Bourke/etc are able to step into a role on the wing.

Now if the Avs don't want 3 scoring lines, long-term either Stastny is gone or converts to the wing. MacKinnon will not be the player converted to wing. Right now (and maybe for a year or two) he will play more wing because he isn't strong enough physically, doesn't play good enough defense, and is weak on faceoffs. Those will all come in time, and he will take over a top 6 center role when Roy determines he is ready. Playing occasionally on the wing isn't unusual for a young, highly talented center.

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