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11-13-2013, 01:03 PM
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Originally Posted by Don'tcry4mejanhrdina View Post
Well I'm definitely not going to stop eating meat haha. Most of the fish I eat is stuff I've caught myself so at least I know where that's coming from. This time of year I also get some deer/moose meat from family and friends too.
Yeah my point wasn't that people should stop eating meat but rather they should buy it from farmers that raise chickens, cattle, pigs outdoors feeding them their natural diet without hormones. The problem with that is it's really expensive because of how difficult it is for a farmer to afford to compete in the market place. So the price is really high and most consumers can't afford it (myself included).

It may turn out that eating foods with modern day pesticides don't pose any serious healthy risks. The reality though is that we just don't have firm answers on that.

I'm all for people eating animals from hunting, catching their own fish, etc.

My discussion is speaking more of the most ideal diet rather than the most realistic (which means it's probably not helpful and I should just shut up haha).

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