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11-13-2013, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
You are just the kind of fan that Katz and Lowe loves. A tier one fan that is happy just to have a team. Funny thing about pro sports. Whenever anything is done not in the best interest of the fans or the city the team is in it is a 'business decision'. All other times you are expected to be a fan and happily accept the fact that you just have a team including paying for tickets, merchandise, watching commercials on tv broadcasts.

You are correct about bipolar part however. This team and management have been sheer and utter garbage for years and years and at times people actually think they are doing something right.

In the end the negative pessimists are just as important of fans if not more than the optimists because they actually see problems for what they are and try to affect change.
Wow...did i **** in your ceral Beerfish? Nice off handed insults there. Did i once mention how much i'm just happy to have a team, or that I'd happily drink the koolaid no matter the flavour?

Nope...just mentioned that most of the posts on here are mind-numbingly painfull to read (and induce an irrational urge to bang my head on my desk). If you take offence to that and feel the need to attack me, well then...what's your self conscience trying to tell you?

Freud would be curious.....

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