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Originally Posted by Fanned On It View Post
I can't believe some people are saying they would be "ok" IF this or THAT happened. I mean come on... just the physicality of the NHL would probably have you injured in your first game. Especially considering most of us on here haven't really played high level travel or Juniors/College or whatever.. most of us would be out there with our heads down and get concussed in the first 3 seconds.
Originally Posted by Lonny Bohonos View Post
Even if you've played travel/rep.

I play in a league that has a good few former NCAA (II/III), junior, minor pro (ECHL/Europe) players in it and 99.99999% of the people in here would be toast going up against NHLers.
You're both 105% right.

I've had the pleasure of playing in the same tournament with an AHL player over the summer at a local rink. He was doing it because he grew up there and figured it'd be a good time with all of his old friends. The best players who had gone on to play some college hockey and did the whole travel thing as teenagers were absolutely dominated when the guy decided to play 30% of his level.

He was the only player who didn't get tired at all, could play an entire game, would just score whenever he wanted but would hold off until time was winding down, constantly made tape to tape passes, and never put himself in a position to get hit or take a cheap shot from anyone. It's just amazing how much better AHL guys are then above average players, and how amazing retired NHL players still are. I've heard stories of retired NHL goalies being the best offensive players in some recreational leagues. Just let that soak in a bit.

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