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11-13-2013, 04:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Maximus View Post
Nac Mac...dude what are you talking about? Lehner has performed magnificently against tough opponents during his short career.

If you happened to read above, I did a little research for you and noted how fantastic his #'s are versus the Bruins in his career. We are talking low 2's GAA and almost a .950 Save %.

Versus the Habs, in 3 games Lehner has a 1.8 GAA and over a .950 Save %. In games vs Philly, Jersey, San Jose, my Rangers he has Save %'s over .940. I think we can agree that is pretty good competition? Heck vs the defending Stanley Cup champs, the Black Hawks he has .950 save % and only gave up 2 goals in 39 shots and almost beat them. Sure it's not a huge sample size but in 33 games, 5 of which he came in to relieve, he has a 2.4 GAA and a .930 Save %. These are terrific #'s for a 22 year old goalie. Anderson can't even sniff at #'s like these.

Dude, you've got a gem here in Lehner. The time for coddling is over bro. Lehner has proven he can take on top competition and excel. You need to win hockey games if you want to have a shot at making the playoffs which means you need to let Lehner play more. Anderson does NOT have the mojo this year...he just doesn't. It's pretty dang simple bud, Lehner should at worst split time going forward.
You HAVE to get the rest of the team better - and more consistent - first. You simply can not put a young netminder, I don't care if he's the next Roy/Brodeur/whoever, behind a team that's playing so horribly in our own zone and expect a good developmental curve.

You're setting up Lehner for failure if you do this. Andy is older and proven, and he won't be here in 2-3 years, so we can put Andy behind the worst team defense in the league and not worry too much. You do that with Lehner and you're taking a big risk with his future.

Can't you see I'm trying to help Lehner? That I want him to have the best career possible? Haven't you seen what happens to young goalies who are behind a horrible team (defensively) for a long period of time? It ruins them.

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