Thread: Player Discussion: With Emelin in, who's out?
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11-13-2013, 05:56 PM
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Originally Posted by JLP View Post
I agree, good point that Murray's sample comes from a bad stretch for the Habs. Some people are sort of jumping to conclusions on a small and unfavorably selective sample size. Is a seasonal breakdown stat like GA/60 the correct tool to evaluate a Murray when he's barely played a total of 60 minutes with the Habs? It's distorted, like like using a thumbnail image to print a poster.

Of course Murray will benefit from playing with an agile partner hope that happens we need to beef up on D (and elsewhere, wait till we start playing Boston and Toronto more). Continuing my tangent, for "beef up" reasons I'd also like to see Pateryn in some games -- it's interesting Pateryn was 2nd in scoring on the Habs in the preseason (had one pretty bad game though), and when he came up last week he was leading all Dogs in scoring.
huh... more like slighlty over 100...

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