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Originally Posted by BonkTastic View Post
That's your opinion, not mine.

Hasek in his prime would still have lost that Flyers game. Team in front of him completely disappeared.

When Karlsson & Methot aren't on the ice, our blueline might be the worst in the league. And the goalies should somehow take the fall for that?

People are ignoring the obvious, glaring, significant holes on this team and projecting all of the team's issues onto the goalies. Anderson on a team with even a halfway-competent blueline is a top-10 goalie in this league, easy.

If you want to think that starting Lehner is going to somehow convince our defencemen to play NHL-caliber hockey overnight, and our slacking forwards to all of a sudden wake up, though, by all means, don't let me stop you.
Starting lehner might help. Maybe playing a backup makes a team play better in front of him being that they know that a backup is not as good as the starter, so they have to try harder to prevent being scored on.

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