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11-13-2013, 07:45 PM
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Originally Posted by Cujomi View Post
One of them has had starts against the weakest teams we've faced almost exclusively, and one of them doesn't.

Just saying. I bet Anderson's numbers would look a lot better if you took away a few of his games against the Ducks, Sharks and Hawks and made them against New York, Florida and Columbus instead.

Anyway I'm with the others. I don't care who starts the goaltending is not our issue right now.
Exactly. Too many people seem to rely on stats and numbers instead of looking deeper and understanding where they come from and just how (un)important they are in a given situation.

You can fire 100 shots from the boards and the goalie can walk out with a perfect save percentage. You can fire 5 shots from the lower circle when the guy is completely alone with the goalie sliding from one post to another and all 5 shots can go in. The guy facing 5 hard shots had a harder job than the guy standing still and looking big for 100 crappy shots. But, the stats will say something completely different.

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