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Originally Posted by Fataldogg View Post
Gomez in 07-08 had 70 points. Something Richards hasn't done with us yet. He was actually a solid forward for us in that first season.

I don't think this current team is close to being the deepest team we've had. Especially if you take Nash out of the line up (which for all intensive purposes, he hasn't been a legitimate part of the team this year).

Stepan is a border line first line forward, solid second line center. Richards is playing like a first line center, but we don't know how long that will continue. Callahan is a solid first line player for what he provides (complete game), but on a lot of teams would be a second line forward.

Than you go down on the depth chart to players like Brassard. He's a border line 2nd line forward (talented enough to be a 2nd line forward but doesn't produce like one), and would be a 3rd line forward on most "deep" teams in the league.

Despite the production recently from Zucarello, you can't say he is anything more than a 3rd line forward unless he continues this pace. Hagelin is a border line 2nd line forward. Kreider is too early to judge.

Pouliot, Boyle, Dorsett, Miller, Pyatt, Mashinter, are all 4th line caliber forwards, with one or two he might be 3rd line talent.

In 07-08 you were looking at a team with Jagr (legitimate 1st line forward), Gomez (1st line forward), Drury (legitimate 2nd line forward), Shanahan (2nd line forward), Straka (2nd line forward), Dubinsky (border line 2nd line forward at the time, more suitable for 3rd line), than players like Avery, Dawes, Bettes, etc, who were all good role players.

And our defense wasn't bad either. People will say Rozsival sucked, but he was a 40 point defense man for us who played responsible defense. Malik wasn't as putrid as people made him out to be. +/- was only an insignificant stat evaluating Malik. Marc Staal was solid out the gate. Girardi was still a solid defense man.

And I'm saying all this and I don't even know if 07-08 was our deepest team. I don't think the 13-14 team is, and frankly, I wouldn't understand an argument supporting it since with Nash out of the line up we might have one legitimate 1st line forward, two 2nd line forwards, some X factor forwards you can't evaluate yet, and the majority of the forwards being 3rd/4th line talent.
It seems you're being optimistic with that 07-08 team and pessimistic with this team. I looked up the stats and the center depth was actually very good, probably better than ours now. I think Gomez and Richards are close to a wash, maybe slight advantage Gomez. Stepan I'll definitely take over Drury, easily. I was never a big fan of Drury. The guy had a limited skill set offensively. Now granted I think it's similar to Callahan's who I think is a solid top 6 forward. Drury was just not a great playmaker. I like my centers to be good playmakers, unless they're Stamkos. Dubi, I'd definitely take over the way Brassard is playing now. However, I think Brassard would get more than 40 points playing with Jagr. Though Dubi was more complete. We'll see how it works with Nash, if Brassard plays with him. I also like how you call Zucc a 3rd liner. On the line he's on now and the way he's playing he's playing like a 1st liner. Ditto Hagelin, who is a guy that can fit on every line. Furthermore, if those lines posted were correct you have 2 wingers in Avery and Dawes that don't belong in the top 6. We have no one like that in our top 6 right now. Guys like Hagelin, Callahan, and Zucc COULD be playing on a 3rd line on the Chicagos of the world, but are solid top 6ers. Dawes and Avery were not solid top 6ers.

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