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11-14-2013, 12:43 AM
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Originally Posted by billingtons ghost View Post
yeah, I'm all for that.

Sorry for the noise. It's Rangers-Devils hangover. Takes at least three days to come down off of the hate.

I think everyone who watches a goalie for a long time HATES the fact that other fans only get to see the highlights - and not the consistent day-to-day.

Brodeur is on his hot streak now not because of any positioning, nor the saves he's making and certainly not because of the crappy D in front of him. It's because he's playing 3rd Defenseman and no team can stay in the zone for more than the time it takes for him to make an outlet pass. It's just been ridiculous to watch.
I'm a huge Brodeur fan - he's done a lot for the advancement of the game. I always wanted to be Ron Hextall as a goaltender, with the way that he handles the puck and controls the zone. Brodeur's taken that to another level.

That's one problem with the "stats suck, I'd rather watch them play" folks (not saying that you are one) - we're in a highlight culture, which magnifies the impact in our brains of those events. Even if you're watching every game on television, they choose which replays to show over and over again (and ultimately, your brain gives in).

There's a book that I can't recommend enough - "Thinking Fast and Slow" by economist Daniel Kahneman; it talks about narrative biases and the ways that our brain tricks itself into justifying gut instincts.

That's why you'll always see me advocate for both "scouting" and
"stats" - the combination will always be an improvement on one or the other. And yes, I'm one of those who are working to improve the quality of the statistics that we have available (see here: for instance), but for me, there's nothing better than sitting down in the first row of the upper level, center ice, watching a good goaltending battle.

Anyhow, time to drive home and then bed. Pick up where we left off in the morning?

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