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11-14-2013, 09:28 AM
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Originally Posted by Faterson View Post
I certainly think an American poster like thevreelander would be in a better position to judge that than any European poster. He indicated there was no hockey-related programming for the KHL's usual time slots which would, by the way, typically be morning hours, not night hours. A shift KHL -> Amercan TV is a lot better manageable for fans than vice versa, because NHL games start between 1 am and 4:30 am here in Central Europe. In contrast, a typical KHL game might start at 11 am Eastern, 8 am Pacific, pretty good times especially at weekends. As you may have noticed, TV channels don't go off air between 9 and 5 on weekdays; lots of people watch daytime TV, too.
KHL usual time slot is a lot broader than the NHL time window. Even in Finnish time there's games that start before noon and games that start in the evening (in the same day). There's far more time zones involved than in NA. But like I said, the hockey watching crowd isn't tuned in that time of the day (hardly any sports fans are). It's not realistic. If you spend some time on the NHL ratings thread, you'd find out thevreelander's opinions are a rarity. Simple fact is, if a network thinks there's money to be made from a sport, they'll put it on. That is not the case with KHL.

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