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11-14-2013, 09:44 AM
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Originally Posted by DrinkFightFlyers View Post
I have mine pre-ordered. I'm getting either Thursday night or Friday after work. I'm just trying to see what the deal was for these midnight releases. They told me I have to come in on Thursday and "validate" my receipt. At which point I'll get a ticket or something to come back at midnight.

I want to go just so I don't have to go after work Friday, but I also don't want to be standing in a mob of children and their parents waiting all night when I have to get up for work in the morning.
Here is what is posted on GameStop's website.

Our doors will open 6pm in most locations, but check with your local store for opening times. This title will be available for pick-up at Midnight.

Between 6pm and midnight is when we finalize your transaction. You will need to go to the register to receive your finalized purchase receipt. Finalizing the transaction is where we take your deposit, partial or full, and create a sale receipt. Our associates will assign you a Guest # to hold a place in line for you when midnight hits.

Don't forget to bring your trade-ins to take advantage of our great trade specials to reduce the price of your game. Everybody likes to save money!
You don't have to arrive at 6pm. You can show up anytime between 6pm and midnight. However, by coming early, you can get your trade-ins and transaction processed sooner and be assigned a Guest # closer to the front of the line.

Our staff will begin organizing our customers into line in Guest # order just before midnight so we will be ready to get you your PS4 purchases as quickly as possible when midnight hits.

Come hang out with our associates and fellow Sony PS4 enthusiasts as we ring in the next generation in video gaming! Our knowledgeable staff will be available all evening to answer any questions that you may have and assist you with any additional purchases. We will have a great selection of PS4 games and accessories to help you get the best gaming gear for your new console.

The Sony PS4 will be available beginning at 12:01am on Friday, 11/15.

Originally Posted by sobrien View Post
While my official last week at GameStop is this week (great timing, eh?) My store has been expecting a zoo. We've been told over and over by Sony and their reps that they'd ship DOUBLE of what was pre-ordered (we had 104 PS4 pre-orders, do the math). We don't exactly believe that at all, but we have been telling customers w/o pre-orders to expect a few extras and to be here at midnight to snag them...and we did tell that to A LOT of customers.

EDIT: just asked my manager, they sent our store 10 extra for walk-up sales.

The downside IMO is that the company wants to move this product no matter what, so after the 48-hour product reserve guarantee, I believe stores will sell your system. I don't agree with it at all, and I don't think most employees do either, but our District Manager(s) want it done so we can utilize our Web-In-Store service.

The plus side of things...Sony seems prepared for this launch, and I feel like they'll be able to replenish a decent amount of stock in-store weekly leading up to Christmas. Microsoft I'm not so sure about, and we've basically been telling people to wait until February or so before they splurge on an XBone.
According to what I posted does that mean that in order to get one at midnight if you didn't preorder it you'll have to be there at 6PM instead of going and waiting until midnight in line?


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