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Originally Posted by admire View Post
Do you see a chance for a change in coaching?
Roy Johansen has been absolutely amazing to be honest. Denmark has had a string of great coaches who have (with one exemption) continued the work from the previous coaches but you guys have had the same guy since 2001. There are ofcourse huge advantages to that(We have the same situation in football with Morten Olsen), but sometimes when a team needs to go through a big change, sometimes there needs some new blood on the bench as well.

Does Skrøder or Trygg have any coaching plans since you have good expiriences with former players ending up as coaches?

We were severely lacking in depth at D every single year with last year maybe being the only one where we could say that we had good depth so I think you will survive too. Jesper Duus played almost every minute until he 70......Hell, he would have played in 2012 before he said no.
Roy will be the coach in the Olympics and WC. After the WC I am not sure, I think he has a contract that expires in end of 2014.

Yes, he has done a good job with the National team. The players believe in him and the system he use. I would like to see him be our coach for 10 more years, but I think the end is near for him now. I know he had his thoughts before he signed his extension, so I can’t see him signing another one. But I hope I’m wrong.

I don’t think Skrøder or Trygg has any coaching plans, but I see two or three possible coaches taking over when Roy steps down. One of them is Petter Thoresen (Patricks father). He has coached our U-20 team and taken them up to the elite U-20 WC one time before, and have won a couple of trophy’s in the Norwegian league.

Espen Knutsen (Currently coach for Norwegian team Vålerenga) is also a candidate, but I think he needs some more experience before he takes over. Dan Tangnes is also a candidate for this job, he has experience from being head coach for Røgle in Allsvenskan and SHL.

If the new Danish coach does a good job in the next WC’s (and a good chance for that happening) he can stay with the Danish team for a long time, I can only assume that the Danish Hockey association would like to have a coach staying for a long time.

Yep, with the lack of good D-men things can be very difficult. And I think the number one priority for our national team the next WC now will be to survive in the elite WC (not aim for quarterfinal like the Norwegian media is talking about every year). I hope for the best.

Is Duus still playing? I remember him from Denmark’s first elite WC in 2003 (And he played in 2004 as well?). He have played a lot of World championships games for Denmark along with Jesper Damgård hasn’t he?

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