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Riding a stationary bike is one thing, but taking a spin class is a whole other animal. You are out of the saddle for half of the class (usually an hour class) and with the different riding positions, you work everything from you obliques on down. Between the hills (dialing up the resistance) and the breakaways, you not only condition your legs but you also work on getting your heart rate up quickly and then recovering. Just like a 90 second shift and coming back to the bench. My recovery time is great and I also don't get fatigued as much towards the end of the game.

Other than the usual lunges or squats, here are a few other things I like to do to help with my hockey. One is a "side leg squat." You stand on a step with one foot horizontally on the step and the other foot should be dangling off the step. You then shift your weight back over your heel and squat. You don't have to go low to feel the effects of this one. It works the legs, glutes and core because it's tough to keep your balance.

Another one is similar to this with some upper body added. This one utilizes the cable machine at the gym. You only need one side. Position the mechanism so the cable pull is about waist level, maybe a bit higher. Grab the cable and take a few steps back. Just make sure that if you reach forward with the cable that the weights don't come all the way down. Stand on one foot. Make sure it's the foot that is the same side as the hand you are holding the cable in. Reach forward while you squat down. Be sure to keep your weight back. The foot that is off the ground should kick behind you. You don't want to be leaning forward....just reaching. Then exhale as you straighten your body up and pull the cable back to your waist (palms up). I do three sets of 10. It works your legs, glutes, core and back.

I hope these made sense! It's hard to explain things that are easier demonstrated.

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