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Originally Posted by Ditchweed View Post
A major rebuild and a minimum of at least five years away. Problem is, management won't allow a drop to the bottom to do a correct rebuild so it will be never at this rate.

It is not just how good you think your team is and how much it has improved, it is how good your team is relative to the other 29 teams and how much they have improved. Right now, Montreal is stuck in the middle, not getting any better against the other teams who are also improving as well nor getting worse to be able to get better players via the draft. Montreal now is a treadmill team running hard but getting nowhere against the other teams, and with the present philosophy of the Habs management to satisfy the media and always try for a winner, they will remain that middle level treadmill team.

As well, the Habs keep saying they are going to rebuild through the draft, but if Montreal is going to rebuild a team via a draft that is better than other teams, it has to have draft results that are better than other team's drafts as well. However the draft results of recent years are hardly stellar compared to other teams. In the drafts since 2008, Montreal has only Galchenyuk and Gallagher who are quality players from the draft and that is not enough top players. (Yes they did get Eller for Halak who was drafted in 2003, but that was a result of a draft ten years ago.)

Look at the players drafted in the last five years aside from Galchenyuk and Gallagher. First round: 2008 - Thomas(Kristo) - in the minors; 2009 -Louis leblanc - up and down and average at best; 2010 - Jared Tinordi - back down and looking slow and average at best; 2011 - Nathan Beaulieu - 11 games and OK, but no star, a good average; 2012 - Galchenyuk - good but he was the can't miss third pick; 2013 -McCarron - big slow and you have to wearing homer glasses to see star in him or anybody else in that draft besides Fucale. For players beyond the first round, aside from Gallagher, none are playing in the NHL.

In 2007 they hit the jackpot with Pacioretty and Subban and even McDonagh and these are the kind of draft results that are needed every year if they are going to improve by the draft. At the rate they are going, and with the few and far between gems they do get that they need to improve with, by the time they get them, guys like Subban and Eller will be retired. All teams garner stars here and there, but if your draft is average compared to other teams, and you draft mostly average players, you end up with an average team.

Montreal needs to realize this is not the last century and change its philosophy to get the best management available if it wants the best results, and not just get ones who can speak to the local French media. They also definitely, definitely, have to do better in the draft if they want to win by the draft, else this team will just go on being mediocre forever.
great post

they are too scared to take chances and the political landscape will keep them middle of the pack

this year is a great example , our D is terrible but we play Cube ,and Murray who are done , but wont play Tinordi and Pateryn who have some upside

the Briere signing made no sense , DD was a joke of signing , etc... and now we are talking of extending Markov and Diaz which make no sense now

look at Murray who had the stones to get Turris , and Ryan when the chance was there

go after Evander Kane if he is available , give them Max and others and see if they bite , we are too stubborn for change

Pleks is solid but seriously what are we going to win with him ?

have we not seen this same video for 7 years now , nice player but no jam or killer instinct when it matters .

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