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11-14-2013, 01:16 PM
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Originally Posted by Coachtdoig View Post
If you have no access to real ice then getting on synthetic ice is your best option. I personally do not like it for much more then stationary shooting. Given the slight resistance that you get from the synthetic ice it could over time change your stride and cause other problems/bad habits.

Think of if you were playing basketball, that sport is played on a hard surface. If for some reason you could not find a hard surface to practice on then you would make do with what you had, like a grassy surface.

Hockey is played on ice, basketball on a court. Try to stick to the ice and it will limit you from picking up any bad habits. If that is ALL you have to practice on then again make do with what you have.
Completely disagree with you about changing stride and creating bad habits. Does skating on a sheet of ice after 20 minutes of use change your stride or cause bad habits because of the extra resistance compared to a clean sheet?

Frankly the day after I workout on the synthetic I find my movements on the ice to be more explosive because you have to work harder on the synthetic. is offline   Reply With Quote