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Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
Allowing that shot quality between first- and fourth-liner is a real thing, yes. But being unable to outshoot fourth-liners to the extent that you undo the positive impact of four PK Subbans? Not a good sign.
Are you saying there's no difference in shot quality between Subban and a 4th liner like White? Of course it would be better if our 4th line could out-shoot the opposing 4th line, but that's not all on Murray and in the end has minimal impact on whether we win or not. You win/lose based on your top players. If the shot distribution for our team was 20/10/5/5 (1st through 4th lines) the opposing team had 5/5/10/20 then we are more likely to win the game even though the shot totals are equal. Being dominated by 4th liners is not the same as being dominated by 1st liners.

Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
A power forward is a bit of a mythical creature, but I wouldn't classify a guy like Neil, who doesn't score much, as being one. He's more of an agitator.
I use the term to reference style of play rather than skill level. Neil goes to the front of the net and makes the goalies life difficult. Bouillon can't do much to help his goalie out, Murray can.

Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
It really wan't much of an issue at all.

Okay, but here you have two players who are about the same value, just distributed differently. But Murray is awful offensively and awful defensively. His value is pretty much negative, to the point where he hurts the team practically every time he's on the ice. You could call up someone from the AHL and expect them to do better.
Disagree about last season but don't feel like going through the postmortem again in this thread.

They both hurt the team more than they help it. They wouldn't be #6s if they were better. The difference is Murray brings something unique to the table, Bouillon doesn't. If used properly Murray can be help the team. Bouillon's best case is that he doesn't hurt you. I'll take the chance of getting something positive even if the worst case situation is a little worse (Which is debatable anyways).

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