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11-14-2013, 07:27 PM
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Originally Posted by overlords View Post
Granlund was staring at his feet for roughly 2 minutes at that point. It was obvious. He didn't change his stance at the last second. Kadri was looking right at him and hit him in the head. He doesn't try to alter his course to get him in the shoulder, and he still follows through with his arms.That's open and shut. Someone being vulnerable doesn't give you carte blanche to put him in the hospital.

The hit itself was borderline intent to injure. Were I a ref, I give him intent to injure considering his antics earlier in the game.
Kadri goes in with his hands initially tucked and actually lower than the crest on his jersey, and pushes straight through the 3" smaller Granlund's chest. If he had attempted to go shoulder to shoulder, it would have been shoulder to head, and THEN what do we see and what are we saying? I don't care if the push made him hit his head on the glass, or if the follow through of the hands was a bit high (if a ref wanted to be strict just a decade ago, that would have been called 2 mins for roughing for high hands), that's why you don't stand still at the blueline for longer than a Mississippi staring at a puck in your feet without doing something to make yourself less vulnerable - if you're committed to playing the puck, of course.

Every hit is "borderline attempt to injure", as is every slash, and certainly every fight. I don't subscribe to the same bleeding heart, players should be bubble-wrapped philosophy some of you seem to share.

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