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11-14-2013, 08:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Alexdaman View Post
A lot of people in T.O know nothing about hockey, but still jump on the bandwagon and the forums.

Here too but the language barrier on HF and a smaller population makes somewhat of a filter.
I got attacked in that thread because I mentioned that the Kadri on Granlund hit could be viewed as boarding. I was told I was arrogant, I didn't play hockey and I have no knowledge of the sport. Then Bob McKenzie went on TSN and said it could be viewed as boarding or charging and no one said anything. I think it's unfair to say people there don't know anything about hockey, just like it was unfair for those comments against me.

Either way, I have come to think that the people comparing the hits are doing it out of emotion and not reasoning. I understand that, but I think enough time has passed for it to be let go and rationale to overcome emotion.

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