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11-15-2013, 07:35 AM
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Originally Posted by Chimp View Post
So, you don't like his nickname. Fine. But slandering him by the name of our rivals? Do you see Devils fans go around calling Brodeur "Fatso"? I don't think so. Really, tell us how you really feel. Why don't you go ahead and call the Rangers "Rags" and close the circle? Talk about a spoiled "what have you done for me lately?" reaction. Yeah, what has Hank done for the Rangers? Tell us what you really feel. Those Vezina nominations and Vezina Trophy must've been bogus, because you see what most others don't.

As for his goaltending strategy of playing deep in net, take that up with Benoit Allaire, I'm sure you can give him alot of great pointers how to play the goaltending position. You want to hear the philosophy behind playing deep in net and why Allaire feels it's worth it? No? Didn't think so, you just want to whine on the last part that is wrong on this roster, because you don't like him. Because he made one mistake and your world is falling apart. Oh no, Hank has played 3 bad games so far this season. Call the suicide hotline, he's done for!

Does Henrik Lundqvist much more often than not help his team win a game than folding it? Don't lie to yourself. As for your expected standard of what a "softie" is, I bet it's a whole lot stricter than for any other goalie in the league. The Henrik Lundqvist syndrome. That's what happens when you get spoiled and gain tunnel vision.

This bipolar place will never change.
Great post.

But I wouldn't waste my time arguing with him. He'll just shove his superior age down your throat and continue to think that his **** don't stink.

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