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11-15-2013, 07:49 AM
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Originally Posted by canadiensnation View Post
Gorges 4 more years at 3.9m.
Emelin 4 more years at 4.1m.
Potentially Diaz 3 more years at 3m.

Potentially Subban 7-8 years at 6.5m+

Then we have,

All pretty close to NHL.

If we sign Diaz I believe Markov is gone. Not saying Diaz is a replacement just that we would never get the young guys into the lineup.
IMO there's no way Subban gets less than Letang's 7.5M unless he's willing to take another discount. That's the easiest most recent comparable for Subban. Habs can try but considering they just got ridiculously low 2 bargain years from him so can't see it happening unless they really don't value him highly.

I don't mind Diaz at 3M. He's can fill in top 4 in case of injury and can hold his own against quality ES if needed. Considering the team's lack of RD and how injury prone the team is, having a #5D with these qualities is a good investment assuming he can keep it up/improve. Unlike Desharnais, there's some versatility/use to Diaz. You don't HAVE to play him a certain way and he can fill several roles (obviously some better than others).

I don't think signing him longterm will have any bearing on whether the Habs sign Markov or not as he plays a huge roll on the team in all situations. The only potential negatives I see form it is Diaz can get injured again/regress to the point of being another Desharnais contract.

It really depends on how Emelin plays coming back from injury. It's weird but he is essentially the glue that puts this D core together. He allows the bottom pair to have Diaz where he should theoretically do well on and split Subban/Markov into 2 solid pairings stabilizing the Habs 5 on 5 puck possession. No 3rd pairing where it's guaranteed the team will be hemmed in their own zone.

2. Markov
3. Gorges (can play RD)
6. Tinordi/Beaulieu (one rookie)
7. UFA (Murray?)
8. Drewiske (can play RD)

1. Subban
4. Emelin (natural LD)
5. Diaz

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