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11-15-2013, 09:02 AM
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Originally Posted by jeety mcjeet View Post
I'd say no. We are witnessing a perfect storm of a season and while he's ultimately responsible it shouldn't tarnish his legacy. Lets no kid ourselves here the majority of the fan base was on the rebuild bandwagon from the start. We all knew that this could end of like Atlanta or Columbus or until recently the Islanders. Much as we all want to complain we'd still make the same picks (except maybe Yak, which sucks). We're all happy with Perron and Gordon. I understand the frustration, I'm there also. This is a dark, dark time for the team.
A perfect storm brought on by terrible management and coaching hirings, suspect goaltending, a faulty defense that they've had five years to address and never have, and an empty prospect cupboard.

I was on board with the rebuild and feel we made the right picks. But 'rebuild' implies BUILDING something... I would not have been on board if I'd known that plan actualy involved simply making slam-dunk picks, throwing said picks to the wolves, and then doing **** all else.

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