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11-15-2013, 10:45 AM
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Originally Posted by Systemfel View Post
It's not silly at all, especially in hindsight. We do have proof in hand now. His future boss could have predicted this situation. Detroit and Ottawa didn't make Jarnkrok and Silverberg, respectively, go to their main camps in 2012 and 2011.

Some quotes from Collberg after yesterdays game:

"After the knee injury, I was off to a good start in the European Trophy. Then I took off and didn't find the same flow."

"I didn't get to play a lot in Montreal and only got in three games there. It was mostly a lot of practices and it got my confidence down and things like that, but it was a fun and valuable experience."

"I don't regret going to the camp. I learnt a lot about how it works over there. I try to work hard to get back into over here and score my first goal. I want to get that great feeling back and I think have gotten it in the last couple of games here."

"I don't think I've been very good with the puck, I've been a bit timid handling it."

"After coming home from Montreal, I found myself standing around too much, which is a bit of a disadvantage (on the big ice). Since then, I've gotten my legs back, and my speed is something I really need because I'm not a big guy."

"I brought some energy back from the U20 national team. I'm on a good line right now with Kahnberg and McGrath and I'm feeling better every game."
I would still say it's silly to suggest that he shouldn't have come over, since we are talking about someone that was viewed as a possible 1st round pick. The Habs are going to do what they think is best for his future and that would be to start getting a feel for the smaller ice since hopefully he will be in the NHL for a long time.

To say that the Habs gm should have predicted this, also a moot point. Collberg could have been injured getting his mail or tripping over his own shoes. Injuries can happen any time and they likely felt they needed to get a closer look at him since a year later he will be here for good, at least that's what I assume.

I can understand as a fan not being happy about his play or the fact that he was brought over to the Habs camp, but the move is one the club must have felt was important despite the issues that could result from it. I remember when local Hamilton fans were pissed because the Habs GM at the time let Halak go to the WC's and he replaced him with a 19 year old Carey Price. Fans of the team wanted what was best for the team to win, but the reality is that the NHL is the biggest business out there and once they get drafted by said NHL team it's going to be all about what said NHL club feels is best for them. Of course different teams will handle situations differently. The Wings have a ton of experience with Swedish players, the Habs haven't had good good luck with players they draft out of Sweden and now we have a rookie GM that is going to make mistakes along the way. Not saying it was a mistake as to me it made a ton of sense.

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